Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chiếc bánh mì trắng đầu tiên

When I said to Stephan that I did it, his reaction seemed even happier than me or anyone else. He gave me a big compliment after tasting it. It is my very first white bread.

Few days ago, I suddently had a thought: '' I gotta make a bread, a real home-made loaf of bread''. After surfing around, I decided to go for a very basic and easy recipe of white bread instructed by an American dude on youtube. The result was a disaster. My bread did not rise. It was undercooked from inside. Its outside looks very atractive but the whole loaf was harder than rock.

I gave myself another shot. I did more research to understand how bread works. I watched more videos to see the way people knead their breads. I knew it was not easy to make it right. I tried not to make the common mistakes. However, once again, it disappointed me badly with the same old errors. Eventhough I was really upset, I talked to me myself ''never give up, bee''

While trying to recall my bad memory to see if I've done something incorrect. I spoke to Simon, a real passionate food lover. He likes baking as well. He explained a little bit about flour, water, yeast and the process of making bread. Then I found which provides me real knowledges and understandings about ingredients. I was definitely ready for another loaf.

And it was successful.

After I saw this little baby came out from the oven, I declared: ''I will always keep trying cos success comes from the failures.''

The ingredients I use for this loaf are:

3 cups flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons yeast
1 1/8 cup water

To understand and know more how to make bread, take your time to read some useful lesson on this website

Goodluck and happy baking!


  1. hihi cảm ơn em, siêng làm nên tiến bộ hơn một chút thôi ^^