Thursday, 10 March 2011

There is another home in Mansfield

It's time for me to go home by another way
Safe home as they used to say
Where I can sing and dance in the middle of living room
By the window which takes the sunshine on

These pictures I've taken at Molly's house - my beloved aunty who is living in Mansfield with her three amazing little friends: Alfie, Scampy and Tessi. Though winter is still on, the sun comes out few hours today. It's warm and gorgeous. 

So warm and nice by the window

A quiet moment of little Alfie with his toy

Dog Scampy enjoys to be taken by my camera

Fire place of the house

Beautiful lilys by picture of baby Stephan

The red carnation I bought last week has blossomed lovely today

The purple lady

The Pink lady

The blue lady

The Jimmy Henrix - UK version or you can say a terrorist 

He got moody when he was forced to take foto with me

I was very happy to see ''the sheep''in the house. Who isn't happy to have a white sheep in the house? He's just so cute.

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  1. dễ thương quá Bee, chúc mừng Bee nhe, đọc bài nào cũng thấy tràn ngập hạnh phúc hết ^^