Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm going to Hanoi for visa application

Monday morning, it was like a sign in the air that I gonna have a worst day in my life: endless rains, flooded roads, moody officers, crazy crowd, dirties side walks, etc... I couldn't believe that I managed to get it over.

I woke up very early, got dressed, put some makeup, checked every single documents again then got ready to leave the house. It suddenly rained. My time was flying, it couldn't be delayed, I needed to be at the embassy on time. I drove so fast, going thought few traffic jams. Holy #*@?/ I forgot my engagement photos. Mom gave it to my aunt the other day and she forgot to bring it back. Ok! I talked to myself I can handle it, I would be honest to the girl and she would understand.

Got the British embassy at 8:30, not too bad I thought. I parked my bike at the hospital's parking lot and I made a swear that I would never ever give birth to my child there. A horrible place!

The door man was nice. He did his job well, I was just afraid he could see the little scissors in my bag. I brought it just in case.

I quickly followed instruction and entered the visa room. There was a girl. She said hi to me and started to talk about her visa. Her name is Van, she's going to England to enjoy Noel with her boyfriend. That sounds sweet. Then the receptionist showed up. She called application owner name one by one. All of us received the same cold behavior, 2 questions and an instruction.
- you've ever been to uk?
- no, madam
- yr type of visa?
- get married then settlement
- then you must submit ur app in Hanoi

For god save me, I'm going to Hanoi.

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