Friday, 8 October 2010

Memorial dates to me

Phew why am I so nervous right now?

I'm going to come to the biometric test at the British embassy on next Monday. Am I thinking too much or Steph doesn't show much caring on my feeling for the moment? He got angry with me on yahoo while asking for my details of the invitation letter. He would never know that I was in a meeting, talking to my new boss who had put so much high expectation on my job; and a good friend of mine who was in pain because her boyfriend had been treating her as a toy. I know that he loves me very much. However, he would never now that he could hurt me sometime with that cold behavior. I'm a woman after all.

It's raining outside like I'm tearing inside my heart. I'm siting here and listing the memorial dates of our relationship that I wonder he's ever remember all of them.

First met in vietnam  : 15 october 2005
First call                   : 17 october 2005
First holiday             :  6 november 2005
First mail                  : 1 january 2006
Proposal date           : 4 january 2009 
Engagement date      : 12 september 2010
Second holiday         : 1 january 2009
Third holiday             : 2 july 2009
Fourth holiday           : 28 october 2009
Fifth holiday               : 18 march 2010
Sixth holiday              : 13 july 2010
Seventh holiday          : 15 september 2010

Still sitting here and listing...



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